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Harol, your specialist for comfortable living since 1946



Since 1946, Belgian-based family business Harol has proved to be a well-respected player when it comes to enhancing home comfort. Its extensive range of innovative high-quality awnings, roller shutters, garage doors and advanced solutions for outdoor living appeals to both home owners and businesses worldwide. With an eye for detail and outstanding craftsmanship, all projects are finished with great precision, down to the last millimetre.

Feeling at home. This has been the focus of the products developed by Harol for many years now. That feeling of being welcome in a house or commercial property where the touch and feel is agreeable and exactly spot-on. Our products which help create cool or sheltered places, quiet spots in and around a property or the right atmosphere in a garden, are designed to achieve just that. 

A good example of this is the Harol AIR, the latest addition to our award-winning VZ concept, which uniquely combines minimalistic design and ZIP technology in a solution for outdoor living. Or the refined look of the Versuz pergola. Or the super compact and versatile vz080 or vz800 screens to be used indoors or outdoors, a perfect blend of design, comfort and energy efficiency. Classic or modern? Elegant or robust? Large or small? The possibilities are endless and can be tailored to all building styles and needs. 

Ingenious awning

Inspired by today’s environmental changes and eco-friendly technologies and materials, Harol takes great pride in developing sustainable products. We owe it to the world and to future generations. One of Harol’s most sustainable solutions is the SC800-ZIP surface-mounted screen. A truly ingenious solar-powered screen which provides an efficient and aesthetic solution for large glass façades with narrow window profiles. This fully integrated system automatically activates the screen when sunlight hits the windows. Interior spaces are protected against the sun and maintain their coolness at exactly the right time. This completely autonomous screen provides thermal and acoustic insulation, while also keeping out insects. The sophisticated mounting profile ensures that it can be installed on existing buildings without requiring structural or electrical adjustments. The ideal and flexible solution for any home

, office, hotel or restaurant.

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Modular window awning range – a system for many applications




Warema has completely overhauled its versatile window awning range. The modular design makes the system even more flexible, gives architects total freedom when drawing up their plans and can be combined with additional furnishing elements.

The modular window awning range can be combined in many different ways to find the right solution for almost any situation. The new guide rail system gives architects total freedom when drawing up their plans, as the identical, one-piece guide rails can be used for many product variants and building sizes. Planners and property developers can use the guide rail as a placeholder and wait until the product is commissioned to decide which variant to use. Once a decision has been made, one of two clip profiles can be inserted, and no time is wasted drawing up new plans.

Maximum flexibility, simple planning

The new easyZIP technology, which last year replaced Warema’s previous ZIP technology, offers a new kind of flexibility. All existing ZIP specifications still apply and some have actually been extended. One of the system’s major advantages is that easyZIP avoids undesired light gaps and forms a smooth transition with the facade. With a guide rail width of just 26 mm, the particularly small rail dimensions allow the easyZIP guidance to be integrated into the facade unobtrusively. The guide rail can also be integrated into the reveal. Simple installation with a clip profile increases the functional reliability of the window awning. This ensures that the fabric is consistently firm while reducing friction in the guide system. It increases installation speed and safety, and wind stability has also improved significantly. Even when lowered, front-mounted awnings with a size of 3 by 3 metres and easyZIP guidance can withstand wind speeds of up to 150 kilometres per hour. 

easyZIP for front-mounted and top-mounted variants

One exciting new feature is the small easyZIP guide rail

, which can be fully plastered. It is also part of the new product line of front-mounted awnings. It comes with boxes in three shapes: rectangular, half-round and round.

The new top-mounted awning for new buildings (NA-MA) opens up many opportunities for architects. It satisfies the trend for facade integration and is also available as a complete system with easyZIP guidance. NA-MA can also be ordered as a modular system without a box and can be integrated into existing boxes

New adhesive procedure with edge-to-edge seaming

Another option is the new UltraSeamTM adhesive procedure for acrylic fabrics, which noticeably reduces differences in tension and the wrinkling this can produce. In contrast to traditional sewing and adhesive methods, the panels of fabric are not glued together with an overlap, but are instead connected edge to edge. This improves winding behaviour and creates a more uniform appearance, which in turn is achieved by using an adhesive tape to join the panels of fabric. The tape is barely visible, particularly on light-coloured designs and in sunshine. The new adhesive procedure enables significantly larger fabric heights when the fabric is joined longitudinally. 

Awning window system for integration into exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS)

The new awning window system (FSM) can be perfectly integrated into exterior insulation and finish systems thanks to the cover panel’s variable front and rear bending. The cover panel and guide rail can be fully plastered for a great look. A single cover panel variant with different guide rails – easyZIP, rail, markisolette, cable and drop arm – makes planning much easier.

Different models for greater safety

Individual models complement the modular window awning range. VisioNeo fall protection is an almost invisible integrated windowpane for floor-to-ceiling windows and can be combined with the new window awning system as well as with front-mounted awnings with easyZIP guidance.

Warema’s intelligent SecuKit technology offers additional safety for French doors that serve as a second emergency route. This clever accessory for the new front-mounted awning with easyZIP guidance allows awnings to be raised quickly and simply at any time – even in the event of a blackout.

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