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Patio roof and conservatory: Living with nature



Being able to enjoy nature up close at any time of year – this pleasure is made possible by covered patios and conservatories. They increase the living area by adding a special place that offers all-round views of the outdoors, and which is brightened by beneficial daylight. In summer, this means professionally shading large areas of glass in order to ensure a pleasant climate. Warema, the sun shading expert, has now completed and further improved its product range for conservatories and patio roofs. Climara conservatory awnings can be used to realise any customer wishes, from entry level to premium versions.

The current Climara range facilitates the stylish and harmonious shading of patio roofs and conservatories. The awning is created individually from a unique selection of fabrics, and then adapted to the architecture. To this end, all Climara designs have uniform cover panels and brackets so that a matching overall effect is achieved even with solutions involving several conservatory awnings. The products are easy and smart to operate using modern control systems. Patio and conservatory are instantly changed into shady spots for relaxing and comfort. Thanks to the high level of pre-assembly, installing the awnings is particularly quick and easy.

W9 and W19 – the new entry-levels models

In W9 and W19, Warema offers two new Climara models with optimised technology. The durable counterweight technology with toothed belts has been further improved for these awnings so they now provide the optimum fabric tension and an even extension and retraction of the fabric. The installation has also been made noticeably easier by the updated guide rail geometry.

The W9 is an attractive under-glass solution that is a brand-new addition to the range. Due to its internal position, soiling and stress on the fabric are reliably prevented. An optional valance roller blind with crank prevents glare even when the sun is low. The new above-glass awning W19 scores points for its integrated brushes, which protect both the awning fabric and the counterweight technology against dirt. It is ideal in combination with Warema’s triangular shading because all the details match each other.

W10 and W20 – the premium solution with patented technology

In a class of their own: the two conservatory awnings W10 and W20, which can cope with even the highest requirements. Their patented secudrive® technology with lateral guidance along the entire length of the fabric prevents gaps at the sides, and guarantees safe sun shading even in strong winds. Thanks to their stable construction, the awnings can shade a total area of up to 24 square metres.

Warema now offers both models with new comfort functions. The under-glass solution W10 can now be fitted with a battery-operated valance roller blind that is easy to control using the WMS (Warema Mobile System). And to ensure that the conservatory loses nothing of its cosy atmosphere in the evening, the optional LED stripes in the guide rail provide the right lighting. As the light rail has an integrated dimmer, the level of brightness can be adapted to suit the mood.

Climara W20, which now has an integrated sensor system, offers additional safety and maximum comfort. The sensor, which is attached to the guide rail, measures the wind, brightness and precipitation so that the external awning retracts automatically if the wind is too strong or it starts to rain, and extends when the sun reaches a certain point. The functions are also easy to operate by means of the WMS hand-held transmitter.

Everything for special solutions and special requests

We don’t do “it can’t be done”. If the patio roof and conservatory are not a standard shape or size, Warema also has the right solutions for special shapes such as triangles, trapezoids or hipped roofs. Nor is there anything to prevent having an appealing, modern design, because the matching cover panels of our D3 triangular shading facilitate a uniform design together with other Climara awnings.

The window awning with ZIP guidance is a corner solution for all-glass corners in the conservatory. Not only does it look good, but it is also functional: no additional fixing is required in the corner, as the two curtains are joined together by cover panels and drop profiles so they can be extended or retracted at the same time with only one motor.

And finally, Warema’s highly effective insect screen reliably keeps uninvited guests at bay by means of a swivel and sash frame or swing door – so there is nothing to stand in the way of the perfect enjoyment of nature.

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Eurasia Window, Door and Glass Fairs with hybrid fair model on the new date: 3-6 November 2021




As a result of meetings with industry associations and based on customer feedback, Eurasia Window, Door and Glass Fairs with Aluminium and Shading Special Sections, has been postponed to 3-6 November 2021 and will be held at the TÜYAP FAIR AND CONGRESS CENTER– which has received its Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate.

Eurasia Window, Door and Glass Fairs will be a hybrid event, where the power of the physical event and innovative digital applications will be combined for the benefit of all our domestic and international customers. In fairs where New Generation Fair applications will take place, our goal is to create as safe an environment that we are able

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, with a raft of security measures in place.

The fairs will be held within the framework of the “contact-free expo” application of TÜYAP FAIRS GROUP, which is the first and only fair organization company that is entitled to receive the COVID-19 Safe Service Certificate of the Turkish Standards Institute. In addition to digital applications, measures will be taken against disinfection, social distance and possible health problems at the fairs to be entered with the codes or documents showing the health condition.

Eurasia Window, Door and Glass Fairs, which is one the most comprehensive and specialist trade events in the Eurasia region, with the support of all our industry stakeholders will bring industry professionals together with experts in their fields at Tüyap Fair and Congress Center, this year, too. Do not miss this great meeting held on 3-6 November, organized in cooperation with the leading associations of the industry, PÜKAD, PÜKAB and GALSİAD.

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Pergolas and Gazebos

Wood, vinly or aluminum: which pergola is best for you?




Adding a pergola to your outdoor space can be a decision that sticks with you for a long time. When comparing wood vs vinyl vs aluminum pergolas, it is best to weigh all of the pros and cons of each before making your final decision.

The key factors to consider when comparing pergola materials is the maintenance and upkeep involved, the likely longevity of the material over time in conjunction with the upfront cost, and (of course) the overall style, benefits and look of the product.

Wood Pergolas

With a wooden pergola, often confused with a gazebo, you will typically have the option to choose between either cedar or another kind of wood that has been pressure treated. Although the pressure treatment is used to help softer woods resist rot, mold, and bugs, they are still more susceptible to these issues than cedar and the other synthetic material options. With proper, regular maintenance, wood pergolas can last as long as vinyl or aluminum, though they do run a much higher risk of being ruined prematurely. For this reason, pressure treated wood is the lowest on the list for longevity. However, it is also often lowest on the price list as well, so your upfront cost could be much lower.

Cedar offers a unique appeal as a material for an outdoor living space not only because of its distinct reddish color, but because of the natural aroma of the wood; choosing a cedar pergola not only offers a particular visual aesthetic, it also provides an appealing scent as you take a breath of fresh air and enjoy your outdoor space.

Pressure treated wood can be painted or stained in a variety of colors, offering greater versatility over cedar (which cannot be painted but must be stained periodically). If you are comparing cedar vs pressure treated pergolas, cedar is the more common choice unless you are intent on a particular color option or are looking for a lower price point.

Overall, wood pergola kits can be among the most cost effective of available options and can add a rustic or casual appeal to your backyard.

Vinyl Pergolas

In comparison to wood, a vinyl pergola will last a lifetime with minimal maintenance requirements; typically, an annual power wash is more than sufficient to preserve their color and appearance. However, if you live in an area with heavy snowfall, they may be less sturdy than either wood or aluminum when weighed down by snow. They also might be cheaper looking than an aluminum pergola.

Often coming in bright white or beige colors, they offer a more formal look in comparison to natural or painted wood. If you are set on a vinyl pergola for one reason or another but also want a more unique color, it is possible to paint the vinyl with an acrylic paint that is more to your liking. However

, this may increase your maintenance requirements for both cleaning and touching up paint over time.

Wooden & vinyl pergolas have a fixed roof, which is partially open or totally closed. This means you will not be able to control the amount of sunlight you get, and you might not be protected from rain & humidity at all times. Some of the most sophisticated aluminum pergolas have louvered roofs, with blades that rotate, open and close for optimum daylight control. If you’re looking for a pergola to benefit from all year round, aluminum pergolas might be the best option for you.

Aluminum Pergolas

With a sturdy metal frame, an aluminum pergola can offer the stability of a wooden structure with a clean elegance, and completely customizable with accessories. Also long lasting and almost maintenance free, your aluminum pergola is sure to last through a lifetime of both rain and shine. If you’re looking for good quality, you will want to choose for an aluminum pergola.

Aluminum also offers a color palette that is a bit wider in comparison to vinyl pergolas, which are nearly always stark white. Textured coating options mean that your aluminum pergola could be made to match your home or existing outdoor structures. Since aluminum pergolas are powder coated, the paint will last forever. Overall, the sleek look of an aluminum pergola has a distinctly modern appeal.

Both vinyl and aluminum pergolas are likely to cost more than a typical wood pergola, though the price difference between the two really depends directly upon the quality, size, and style of the pergola you have picked out.

Aluminum vs Vinyl vs Wood — Which is Best for You?

When making the decision for what kind of material you want your pergola to be made out of, it is best to do your thinking outside.

Standing in your current outdoor space, how can you see the aesthetics best enhanced? Perhaps you are envisioning a particular color or a modern (or rustic) vibe. Maybe you can even vividly imagine the scent of cedar wafting towards you?

It is important to imagine yourself not only utilizing the space for fun, but performing routine maintenance as well. Try to be as realistic as possible. Although you may have great visions of spending a weekend every two years sanding and restaining your beloved wooden pergola, if your summer schedule is often hectic and crammed already, you might find yourself slacking on this necessary upkeep that may vastly shorten the longevity of your investment. If a quick pressure wash every now and then is more your style, you will do well to go with vinyl or aluminum. If you’re looking for good quality and something more sophisticated which you can entirely customize, aluminum pergolas are made for you.

In the end, whichever pergola you choose is likely to become a permanent addition to your home, so you should make sure that you are completely content with your decision before moving forward with the project.

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Safe Expo Experience with Hybrid Fair Model: Eurasia Window, Door and Glass Fairs 




The countdown has begun for the most comprehensive and prestigious Window, Door and Glass Fairs in Eurasia region, which will be held simultaneously on March 3-6, 2021 at the Tüyap Fair and Congress Center with TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate.

Eurasia Window, Door and Glass Fairs, which have proven their reputation in the global arena and expected fairs of the industry, continue their preparations to offer a safe expo experience to both its exhibitors and visitors with the measures covering all the requirements of the new normal period.

Eurasia Window, Door and Glass Fairs, where New Generation Fair applications will take place, give the exhibitors the opportunity to contact with all the visitor profiles they aim to reach in all channels, both live and digitally, thanks to the hybrid fair model where the power of the physical fair and the innovative face of digital applications are combined.

Health first for trade

Eurasia Window

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, Door and Glass fairs will be held within the framework of the “contact-free expo” application of TÜYAP FAIRS GROUP, which is the first and only fair organization company that is entitled to receive the COVID-19 Safe Service Certificate of the Turkish Standards Institute. The fairs, where extensive measures taken will be implemented due to the pandemic, can be visited with the QR code on expo invitation received via the MyTüyap mobile application. Moreover, thanks to this application, business card exchange will be able to be carried out without contact with the QR code. 

In addition to digital applications, measures will be taken against disinfection, social distance and possible health problems at the fairs to be entered with the codes or documents showing the health condition. In accordance with the 10m2 / 1 person rule in the fair area, the turnstiles located at the entrance and exit doors will be monitored through the online registration system, exhibitor portal, MyTüyap application and cameras, and human traffic will be controlled. The ventilation units in the area will be adjusted according to the seasonal conditions to ensure the fresh air flow at the maximum level and the ventilation system will be continuously monitored. In addition to frequent maintenance periods, all ventilation systems will be disinfected regularly after the exhibition hours. In case of encountering a health problem, the healthcare professionals waiting in the “Isolation Room” established outside the fair area will immediately intervene.

Take your place in the most prestigious trade event in the industry

Eurasia Window, Door and Glass Fairs, which hosted a total of 55,107 visitors, 9,762 of which are international, from 119 countries in 2020, will bring together all the components of the industry and gather the exhibitors who are leaders in their fields and professionals who are decision makers of the building and construction industries under their roofs once again. Take your place in this great trade meeting on March 3-6!

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