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Vertical blinds by markilux have received a technical and design upgrade



The vertical blinds markilux 620/625 focus on slimline structures, low construction heights and angular shapes, and also on finely calibrated technology, such as in the weighted front profile for smooth extension and retraction of the awning. The fabric cassette and front profile of these new versions are particularly narrow in construction, rendering them barely noticeable on a façade. In combination with other awnings, this model can also be used as cold protection, privacy screen and rain protection.

The awning manufacturer markilux has re-designed its vertical blinds markilux 620/625 for large window fronts and has simultaneously made technical refinements. As a result, the
design of the fabric cassette and the new side caps made from durable, powder-coated die
cast aluminium are now square. “This appearance fits better with the cubic style of the
cassettes on several of our products and therefore also to a simple, more modern method of
construction”, says Michael Gerling, Technical Director at markilux.

 Two model variants for a little and a lot of shade

The two model variants 620 and 625 primarily differ in the size of their cassette and fabric
area. Therefore, the markilux 625, featuring a maximum of 22 square metres of fabric area,
provides ten square metres more shade than the smaller variant. Furthermore, according to
Gerling, the larger cassette is more bend-resistant than the 620 model. This is especially
decisive in case of larger dimensions to ensure the smooth running and closing characteristics
of the awning. Both model variants have slimline fabric cassettes which measure only 11 or
13.5 centimetres in height. The overall height, including the front profile, is maximum 15
centimetres. For large patio fronts, this means a higher and therefore more convenient
clearance height.

 Combinable with other awnings thanks to the angular design

“We have also adapted the lateral rails to suit the slim and lightweight appearance of the
cassette and front profile,” says Gerling, explaining that, thanks to its dimensions, the markilux
625 can also be combined with the awning roof “markant” and the frame system “construct”.
He describes the vertical awning as a reliable cold, rain and privacy protection which creates a
homely atmosphere. Using “tracfix”, the fabric runs flush in the guide rails and therefore
remains stable against wind up to Beaufort six. Semi-elastic inner profiles also ensure a well-
stretched awning fabric which is extremely low-noise even in windy conditions. “The awning
can be integrated so effectively into every window front due to its minimalistic shape and
closed appearance, that you might think it was part of the façade. Therefore, we have entered
this awning for the German Design Award 2018”, says Gerling. The fine details are also ideally
adapted, such as clip-on profiles which cover the fixing screws in the guide rails.

 Fine-tuning of the technology provides the awning with a special finish

Not just the appearance of the product has changed, but also the technology: the front profile has been weighted to ensure smooth running. As a result, the movement and closing of the awning has become especially quiet. Furthermore, the routing of the electrical cable has been optimised for general motor operation with an io-radio motor, RTS or standard motor. Both models can be installed directly using lateral guide rails – without any mounting supports and with a self-supporting cassette. Therefore, Michael Gerling sees the vertical awnings markilux 620/625 as being much more flexibly deployable with this new “look and feel”, and even rounder in its overall impression and smoother technology. 3,772 characters


The new vertical blinds markilux 620/625 feature a particularly slimline look. Thanks to the construction with its new angular design, they fit well to awnings such as the under-glass markilux 779 or the roof awning markilux “markant” as a privacy screen and weather protection. Furthermore, “tracfix” technology in the guide rails ensures well-stretched fabric, and the weighted front profile ensures low-noise, smooth operation.


KONE offers Office Flow and innovations for high-rise buildings




KONE, a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, today introduces a new solution for offices, high-rise buildings and commercial developments: KONE Office Flow™. It transforms how people can move in a lobby or from floor to floor, combining new connected services for elevators, personalized access management and adaptability over the lifetime of buildings, unlike anything in the industry. KONE Office Flow brings a next generation people flow experience to the office, to meet the evolving needs for smart and sustainable high-rise buildings.

KONE Office Flow has been co-created together with customers and users. As the changing nature of work and digitalization transforms the workplace, KONE Office Flow means a smarter, safer and connected environment is possible today. With touchless access, and predictive elevator calling, it integrates with mobile devices, removing the need for key cards and tags. It features a newly designed destination control system, visitor management and guidance, to reduce waiting and journey times. KONE Office Flow can be adapted to meet the aesthetic design of a building, to optimize people flow, increase safety and set a new standard for tenants, employees and guests. 

Connectivity means new applications and different types of equipment and services can be added now and in the future. As organizations look to improve office well-being, reduce their environmental footprint and create new smarter workplaces, open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) can securely connect elevators with a growing range of solutions and services. Service robots, navigation apps, smart office and visitor management solutions, or customer-branded applications can be integrated. KONE is working with leading companies in the field of smart buildings and smart access and today announces that it is working with new ecosystem partners including dormakaba, Schneider Electric, Siemens and Smarten Spaces.

“KONE Office Flow is a new solution for the times we are in today as well as the future we want to create,” says Hanna Inget, Head of New Services and Solutions, KONE. “We want to help our customers adapt, particularly as they navigate the effects of the pandemic. The workplace of the future will be a dynamic mix of both the physical and the digital

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, where offices need to be flexibly modified to meet evolving demands. Personalized experiences boost innovation, attract talent and ensure the overall well-being of employees. KONE Office Flow is a flexible, connected solution that grows with your needs and adapts to the digital future of the workplace.”

KONE is also introducing a complete range of flexible solutions for its high-rise customers, to help improve the planning, construction and operation of taller buildings. These solutions are ideal for new projects as well as the upgrade of existing buildings. The offering includes tools which use cutting-edge robotics to assist with the precise installation of elevators in high-rise elevator shafts. In addition, KONE DX Class elevators will be available in selected markets for high-rise customers, bringing the ability to adapt and improve the elevator experience. KONE’s iconic DX Class elevators have changed the role of elevators in buildings, offering options for connectivity and a customizable user experience, using dynamic displays, sound and lighting, and materials with anti-stain, anti-scratch and anti-bacterial surfaces. The elevator range also uses sustainable materials to meet green building criteria like BREEAM and LEED.

“We want to rethink high-rise because of the exciting opportunities we see in the future together with our customers,” says Tomio Pihkala, EVP, New Equipment Business, KONE. “With a combination of physical design, digital technologies including AI, as well as new services, we can change the game in terms of what is the best people flow experience and how that can evolve in a high-rise environment. We are taking a quantum leap towards smart and sustainable urban environments.”

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Loxone and Texas Lighting partnership integrates intelligent lighting control with 130+ lighting manufacturers




Smart home & building automation manufacturer, Loxone, and lighting manufacturer representative, Texas Lighting, are partnering up to achieve endless possibilities for intelligent lighting control and design assistance.

In today’s modern smart home or commercial building

, lighting design and control becomes a standard to achieve the highest functionality and ideal environment. With this in mind, Loxone is partnering up with Texas Lighting . Texas Lighting offers impressive lighting solutions and design assistance. When paired with Loxone automation, lighting designs can maximize technology with the selection of any lighting fixture integrated into a complete ecosystem of controlled components.

“Our partnership with Texas Lighting is pivotal in offering individualized solutions,” says Mark Skazenski, Vice President of Sales & Business Development at Loxone, “as well as integrating any fixture. Together, we can achieve endless possibilities for a wide range of lighting needs.”

Texas Lighting represents more than 130 manufacturers in the industry, which allows their Lighting Design Team to select the most effective products for the application while using minimal energy consumption. While Texas Lighting does offer plenty of lighting fixtures, Loxone is their first manufacturer of not only lighting fixtures, but also as a complete ecosystem of controlled components with an open interface that can integrate with other technologies and manufacturers.

“Loxone has a complete ecosystem of technology that we know is going to be well received,” states Matt Larmer, Manager of Texas Lighting, “by homeowners, designers, architects as well as the dealer community. Integration with other manufacturers really makes the system stand out.”

In standard Loxone lighting control installations , you can expect a wide range of functionality with integration of sensors. For example, lighting can play a role in security as a flashing burglar alarm, in energy management with presence-controlled LED lighting and more. A Loxone Ceiling Light or LED Spot RGBW can even replace a doorbell by flashing light rather than having a loud bell tone that can wake sleeping children or alert dogs to bark.

Loxone lighting fixtures include low-voltage LED Spots, Pendulums, Ceiling Light and more to meet both the needs of any size space and the highest standards of energy efficiency nationwide. Automation goes a long way for any Loxone or third-party, low- or high-voltage fixtures with dimmers and extensions enabling the support of interfaces such as DMX or DALI.

So now lighting solutions in the Texas area and beyond can become even more individualized with the selection of any Loxone or third-party lighting fixture and the automation controls provided by Loxone. Texas Lighting has an in-house team that specializes in Lighting Control System Design. They offer free assistance in the design of Loxone lighting control solutions.

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Absolute comfort at the heart of the home




Every room has its own particular requirements for brightness and sun shading. Generally, plenty of glare-free light is required in the kitchen from morning until night for cooking and housework. And if this is also where the dining area is, then the atmosphere should be aimed more at comfort when sharing a meal together. This calls for flexible sun shading that allows the incidence of light to be adjusted to the time of day and the occupants’ requirements. Warema offers a wide range of solutions here that blend harmoniously with the ambience and guarantee well-being in the kitchen.

Daylight and privacy can be enjoyed in equal measure with Warema’s external venetian blinds. As well as creating a feel-good ambience in the kitchen, where the individually adjustable slat angles allow the incidence of sun light to be controlled as desired, they also offer protection against curious glances.

Warema pleated blinds can be used for many different purposes. They are suitable both for small tilt and turn windows and for large balcony doors. The honeycomb patterns are available in pretty colours and different degrees of transparency. The air pocket of the honeycombs also offer excellent heat insulation.

As well as offering an abundance of attractive slat designs, the installation technology of the Warema venetian blind is also extremely uncomplicated so it can also easily be installed in rental properties. Adhesive profiles or Velcro supports mean that clean installation with absolutely no screws or tools is possible. 

Especially in the kitchen, the sun shading system is exposed to a high level of humidity from evaporating cooking water. In this special environment, fabric may well lose its shape and colour over time. In order to ensure the durability of the sun shading system, Warema offers textiles that are suitable for use in humid environments, for instance in the form of pleated blinds.

The lighting ambience on the inside is also determined by the external sun shading system. The performance spectrum of the external venetian blind can be utilised in full with the assistance of intelligent controls. Pre-defined settings can easily be operated by smartphone with a user-friendly smart-home solution such as WMS Webcontrol by Warema.

The bracket roller blind by Warema appeals for its filigree looks, and offers aesthetic sun shading for modern interiors. The options for operating the motor either by means of a ball chain or manually ensure that regulating the incidence of light is as easy as possible.

A freely suspended pleated blind offers airy protection for large windows. Thanks to the varied colour spectrum, the curtain can be matched harmoniously to its surroundings. The oriental charm of the accordion-pleated fabric creates a holiday atmosphere.

The occupants can use the flexible slats of the venetian blind to measure the incidence of light in the room individually, which results in a pleasant interplay between light and shadow. Installing it in the glass profile retains the full functionality of the tilt and turn window. And leaves the window fully accessible for ventilation.

Two of the main advantages of Warema products are customisation for the particular installation situation and the tremendous range of creative design options. This trapezoid pleated blind proves that attractive light, glare and sun shading solutions can also be made for unusual window shapes.

Depending on the particular design, roller blinds are suitable for almost any window size and, thanks to the height-adjustable curtain, offer targeted protection against curious glances and the sun’s rays. They are available in a wide range of designs for individual window dressings. At the same time, by choosing slightly transparent or completely opaque fabrics, the user can decide how much sun to allow through.

Horizontal pleats guarantee effective protection against insects if swivel or sash frames are not possible due to a lack of space. The pleats can be pulled up or folded horizontally, meaning the occupants of the room can enjoy fresh air with no concerns while insects and pollen are left outside.

Depending on the particular design

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, roller blinds are suitable for almost any window size and, thanks to the height-adjustable curtain, offer targeted protection against curious glances and the sun’s rays. They are available in a wide range of designs for individual window dressings. At the same time, by choosing slightly transparent or completely opaque fabrics, the user can decide how much sun to allow through.

Horizontal pleats guarantee effective protection against insects if swivel or sash frames are not possible due to a lack of space. The pleats can be pulled up or folded horizontally, meaning the occupants of the room can enjoy fresh air with no concerns while insects and pollen are left outside.

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